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By July 9, 2016 One Comment
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The first steps to creating a new logo or identity project

I love what this video teaches about using a “mood board” to begin a new logo design. There is an amazing amount of research that needs to be done before any drawing or computer work is begun. I’ve recently started using a private Pinterest Board for each new project. It allows me to pull ideas, colors, fonts, and any other relevant information together in one place. It’s a virtual “mood board” – and I like the advantage of “sharing” the board with my clients. They are able to join my board and pin their own ideas. This form of communication has been very helpful to keep us all on the same page and clarify our goals.

Have you ever put together an idea board? What it helpful?

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One Comment

  • Melissa says:

    I do the same thing with all my clients! It is nice to SEE what they mean by their descriptive words. Words always mean different things to different people! LOVE pinterest!