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Five Steps to Strengthen Your Online Brand

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Five Steps to Strengthen Your Online Brand

…that you can do yourself!

I have had the privilege to speak to so many entrepreneurs as a Christy’s Connection for Business Boutique. Over and over I listened to women tell me about their struggles to build their business. I wish I could have given them each an hour to listen, offer ideas for their specific business and encourage them.

Although that isn’t possible, we can offer you some tips we use when we review clients online reputation. YOU can do this yourself and get your online brand and personal reputation refreshed! Remember part of growing your business is building trust and when potential clients see a consistent brand they know you’re are serious business!


  1. FIRST AND FOREMOST – Take the time to Google your name and your business name and review more than the first page of results. Make sure you check phone numbers, contact info, location accuracy etc. this is your opportunity to control the information out there about you so make sure you dive deep! If you’re a local business it’s helpful to create a spreadsheet of your listings and the logins necessary to update info on a regular basis – since this is how new clients find you.
  2. NEXT – Review your logo on your social sites and local listings, it’s important to check how your logo looks on desktop and mobile. So many apps changed their layout this past year – if you need the new sizes for 2018 download this PDF here.
  3. HEAD SHOT – PLEASE have a professional head shot done and update your profile on LinkedIn first, then refer to your google search and replace your headshot everywhere else! First impressions DO make a difference in whether people do business with you!
  4. BUSINESS CARDS – Make sure your business cards are ordered and updated with correct contact information – has coupons for the most popular online printers or find a local printer if you need specialty print work done.
    • Create hashtag blocks for your social media and store in your Note app on your phone for brand consistency and easy copy and paste.
    • Ask your graphic designer for the web hex colors numbers for your brand and keep them in your Note app too. With this information you’ll have the opportunity to customize your company’s correspondence; proposals, invoices, etc. and strengthen your brand even more.
    • Connect your favorite cloud storage app to your phone and add your logo in the specific sizes you need for posting from your phone to your social apps. This is also a great place to preload images for posting at a later date.
  6. BONUS TIP – Double check your social links on your website, click on the icon for each site and make sure it actually goes to the correct site.


We’ll be glad to give you a hand. Here are a few different ways we can help

“I learned that if I wasn’t writing my own story, somebody else would, and it wouldn’t be the story I want to share.” Andrew Medal, Entrepreneur Magazine Contributor


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