As I mentioned in my last post, I’ve added Google Analytic to the websites I maintain for my clients. One of the sites I maintain is a Cut-Your-Own Christmas Tree farm…I’ve been able to tell the clients very precise data that will help them target their marketing better, such as:

1. Preparing for the weekend crowds by knowing how many people are searching the site on Thursday and Friday.

2. Tweaking the keywords as I see what people are using to search for their site.

3. Even knowing what page the user of the site chooses to exit off the website – most often on this one – from the directions page. Hopefully meaning they’re getting in the car and driving to the farm.

4. I’m able to have a clear picture of where the traffic is coming from – what area by town, so direct mail marketing can be targeted in the future.

All this information is updated daily, so I can continually gather new data for my clients and keep them informed of any trends – extremely valuable for this particular customer.

The client and I discussed this over the phone yesterday and he said his “on-the-ground” information gathering backed up the information I was giving him too. He was finding a great deal of new clients, from the same towns I had said they were coming from, and most had heard of them from the web.

One of the goals this past year has been SEO on this site. It was exciting to hear the client happy to have new clients, to know they’ve found the farm from the web and that all our work has been worth it. Now we’ll see how the next three weeks turn out, see the final data and tweak it even more for next year!

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