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Building a Social Business

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I recently read an article by Brian Solis @BrianSolis, The Path from a Social Brand to a Social Business. The premise of the article is that we’ve barely scratched the surface of what can be accomplished when we embrace this new media. We need to go beyond just having a social brand – and we need to invest in building a social business.

“People are connecting en masse with the businesses they support and new media represents the ability to cultivate consumer relationships in ways not possible with traditional earned or paid media.”

It is an opportunity to build customer loyalty that will translate into increased revenue.

So what does that mean for the small business?

It means it’s time to think outside the box as you evaluate your day to day activities.

  • How can I give my clients more VALUE?
  • How can I RECOGNIZE my clients for their loyalty?
  • How can I give my clients more or special ACCESS to me or my services?
  • Do I offer my clients clear DIRECTION to the services I offer?
  • How can I offer ANSWERS more quickly or thoroughly?
  • Do I have a way to RESOLVE problems that will result in a positive experience for my clients?

As I begin my 20th year in business I am reviewing the way I do business and revising it to become more customer focused.  Even as a solopreneur I can improve my client relationships and build a social business rather than just having a social presence.

How are you answering these questions for your business?

Poster on building a social business

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