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Book Design for Betty Gray 2012Betty Gray – Reflections on the way to the Platform

I was invited to work on this book by another author and friend, Sue Ann Cordell. She told me about this sweet lady Betty Gray, her mentor and dear friend. Sue Ann shared Betty’s story and I knew I had to work with them.

Betty is a 80+ year old with the energy of a 30 year old. She has been a preacher’s wife, a singer and an inspirational speaker for the last 60 years.

One of her unique abilities is to retell the stories of great Christians “in character.”  The first time we met she was performing at a local church. I was amazed how she took on the roll of Corrie Ten Boom. At times I forgot she was playing a role, I had to remind myself this was Betty, not Corrie. She acted for 45 minutes straight – without a single script or piece of paper.

It was clear why she’s been such a blessing to so many people over the years and I was thrilled to involved in documenting her life.

By the time we first met, the majority of the story was on paper. I listened to her tell me what her ideas and thoughts were about the book. She gave me a large envelope of photographs she hoped to add as visual memories of her story. I was impressed by how many places she had traveled and all the people she had touched over the years. I given the document as a Word doc and I eventually scanned all the photos to gray scale with a high resolution scanner.

I only hope my life will touch half as many people in the positive, inspirational way exemplified by Betty.

Project features:

Design cover and interior layout for an autobiography.

Scan, color correction and touch up of 40-60 old photos for placement in the book.

Submit book to for publication.

Design and place Banner for advertising.

Design bookmark for book signings.

Design of large display banner for book signings.

Project Timeline: January 2012 – May 13, 2012, time included editing, revisions and proofing by client and editor.

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