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Preparing for Business Growth: What’s the Next Step?

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What's the Next Step?

2017 is huge mile marker for me as a “solopreneur” as it is my 25th year of business.

I have built a home-based business that has allowed me to use my God-given talents and through that, have been able to put my family first and generate a solid income.

It has grown beyond my expectations because of great clients who have put their trust in me to design their marketing collateral.

So, what’s next? That’s the question I kept hearing all through the summer and fall of 2016 – I heard it from my business coach, my peers at my networking groups and even my family members as we discussed goals and long-range plans. Do I continue as a “solopreneur” or do I choose to grow as a company to serve a larger client base? If I chose the latter, how exactly would that be accomplished?

As it turned out, an opportunity arrived by phone in early November. I’ve been offered the opportunity to be a “Christy’s Connection” at the Christy Wright’s Business Boutique.

This is a conference whose mantra is:

“Equipping women to make money doing what they love.”

The Business Boutique conference offers all the essentials to start or grow a business. As a vendor for the conference I will be attending the conferences and offering my design skills as a resource to their audience.

This opportunity is clearly, a perfect fit!

I created my business out of my desire to be a stay-at-home mom. To do this, I had to figure out what I could do that other people needed – and then I learned how to deliver it well. At the time, there were very few resources and a negative stigma to working from home.

Fortunately, this has changed and now men and women are able to easily create a career from home while still being with their families! Mine has been an adventure I wouldn’t trade and I’m thrilled to be able to be involved with such a great resource for women who want to do the same thing I’ve done.

So today I’m excited to announce that I’m now in full growth mode to prepare for this new adventure. I’ve hired an assistant and built a team of handpicked graphic designers that are working with me virtually from all around the country. It’s fulfilling a dream I’ve had since I started the business – to build a business that can offer others the opportunity to work from home and earn an income while putting their family first.

This new business model allows me the flexibility to continue to work with my existing clients and be the creative lead on the new work. I love having such a talented team available to expand Becky’s Graphic Design.

I am looking forward to sharing my story with this new audience, but I’d like to include you in the storytelling as well! In 2017 we  will be sending out periodic newsletters full of inspiration, free downloadable resources, design helps, and more useful materials to help further your branding and design needs. If you would find this helpful – we would love to have you join us in this new community, and look forward to the ways we help you grow your business!

To be added to this newsletter please sign up here! As a “thank you,” we will send an “Elements of a Brand” resource that defines the parts and pieces of a brand to assist you as you are working to clarify your company’s message!

Have an awesome entrepreneurial day! – Becky

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