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Lesson #9 – Don’t do what you aren’t good at…

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As a solopreneur for all these years, I’ve figured out I can’t do everything. For many, giving up ANY control is hard, but I realized it was EASY to let go of the things I’m especially not good at! In reality I’ve saved myself time and money, because the experts do it faster and better and I can spend more of my time doing my job – designing! So these are the things I’ve given up doing myself (notice how many are related to math! YUK!!).

  1. BOOKKEEPING: Once a month my bookkeeper comes to my office and inputs my detailed information into Quickbooks. I still do the invoicing, but she does everything else. I make detailed notes on my receipts and she handles the rest.
  2. CPA: My CPA handles my tax returns, quarterly reviews and any other related topics – I love having an expert available to answer questions.
  3. FINANCIAL PLANNER: Long term planning strategies for my business and family, always great to have someone else help you see the big picture.
  4. PROGRAMMER: Yes, I can code html pages, but the other languages try my brain! I love JUST designing for the web and letting others make it work!
  5. AWESOME PRINTERS: I use many different printers depending on the job, having a variety allows me to choose the best one for the situation. Building relationships with the printers allows me to learn from them and produce better product.

I love having a team of experts on my side. It’s a relief to share the burden of operating a business. Plus it helps keep other small businesses working too.

How are you at letting others help you in your business? How has it saved you time and money?

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