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Lesson #6 – Bill collecting…

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can take some creativity!

As a solopreneur I’m responsible for quotes, invoicing and collections. I’ve found several times it’s taken some creative thinking on my part to collect the money that’s due.

I worked with one client for years and for the most part received a check within 30 days of invoicing, but one time, even though I had sent several statements, I still hadn’t gotten paid. I knew if I stopped by his office I could probably collect, but I didn’t want to be obvious. So I decided to drop by with a plate of homemade cookies – fresh from my oven. I had a check when I walked out.

I’ve learned since then that the best way to collect quickly, is to quote well and receive a down payment up front. It helps clarify and define a project when I give a very detailed quote. Clients appreciate knowing what is involved with each project and it helps me to plan my time better. I’ve also found when I receive a down payment, clients quickly get on board and follow through with information. They want to see a quick return on their investment.

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