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Giving your clients what they want

By April 7, 2009 2 Comments

Today websites are used as the first line of information for your customers. If they have a question about a business they Google it. Your site needs to be prepared to answer those questions, and you need to know what the customer will be asking. Take a few minutes to review your website and ask yourself the questions below.  Are you are giving your clients what they are looking for?

1. Where am I? Does your website clearly identify your business, service or product.

2. What am I here for? Does your site provide the information your customer is looking for? Do you KNOW what your customers are looking for on your website? Ask them!

3. Did I find what I’m looking for? Can you calculate if your customers are able to navigate and obtain the information they are looking for on your site. Customer satisfaction surveys are helpful with this item.

These questions stimulate great discussions as I work with my clients on website designs.

About Becky Bayne

Becky is a graphic designer with over 30 years of experience. She is the founder and president of Becky's Graphic Design which she began in 1992. She and her husband live outside of Nashville, TN where she enjoys creative photography, gardening, and baking for her family.


  • womenties says:

    How did you create such a beautiful header and background for your blog? Did you do it on your own or was it a template you used or purchased? I’m interested in making mine more attractive. Tracy Higginbotham of Women TIES.

    • Becky says:

      Yes I created that on my own. It’s a photo I took of Blue Mountain Lake in the Adirondacks. WordPress allows some of the templates to have adjustable headers. I’ll be happy to help you accomplish the same thing for your blog. 🙂

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