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Can You Make Money in Social Media?

By February 14, 2012 2 Comments

Years ago, I had a friend ask me if their daughter should pursue her “hobby” of computers. It was the late 90’s and my friends didn’t understand how their daughter could earn a living with a degree in computer graphics. They really felt it was impractical and a fad.

I explained how design was changing, and this thing called the “World Wide Web” was around to stay.

She graduated a few years later with a degree in Graphic Design and the last time I knew she was building websites in Boston for a design firm.

Today the question would be “Can you make money in Social Media?”

I would DEFINITELY say YES; social media is around to stay.

Just check out companies like Room 214 and my local friend, Jason Elkins at Transparent Social Media you’ll see how much they are basing their futures on this latest fad.

Another company to investigate is Onward Media. They are a company that

“… connect(s) the most talented Internet marketing, interactive design and mobile application development professionals in the country with the nation’s best companies.”

I wish I could have had this website, or one like it, to offer my friends a chance to understand how many opportunities there are in the industry. Onward Media even produced an infographic, ( I love visuals!) which I’ve inserted below, to help anyone understand what jobs are available in the industry, where the best market for jobs are located and how much the industry is paying for great talent.

Parents – this means your kids can make money because they spent so much time on YouTube and Facebook, and other social media channels.

Interacting with social media is one of the best ways to understand it. It was the same way for my friend’s daughter, her tinkering with websites back in the early days of the internet gave her the foundational skills to understand and thrive in her computer classes in college.

“Social media job opportunities continue to grow as more companies focus their hiring on skilled professionals who can drive business by through innovative social media marketing. This gives job seekers and seasoned social media pros a wealth of national career options, and now they have a resource to help them find their next social media jobs even faster.”
Onward Media, February 2012

I wonder what the “new fad” will be in another 10 years?

Social Media Jobs and Salaries Guide

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