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A new way to market – texting on cell phones….

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Ice Cream from Cold Stone CreameryWe attended a college event a couple of weeks ago – as you entered the arena, Cold Stone Creamery had a big sign offering a FREE cup of their ice cream. Being ice cream lovers, my husband and I got in line! (of course!!) Well, it wasn’t just walk up and get a dish – you had to work for it, and  it took a little bit of TEXTING ability to obtain this ice cream. The deal was this, they had a phone number, and a special “text message” you plugged into your cell phone. Send the text, and you quickly got a message back, then you showed the Cold Stone employee your phone with the message and VIOLA, you got your ice cream! PLUS, a week later we received another text with a “coupon text message” for another free sundae. COOL HUH!! (it also gave you an option to opt out of further texts)

It was simple for all those college kids, but I struggled with exactly what I was supposed to do. I was distracted  by the activity surrounding me (how is this actually going to work).  I figured it out and got my free ice cream…and then watched this “new marketing” concept flourish. Picture this…a line of kids, punching their phones, and then holding them all face up to show the employees. It was quite humorous.

Then I started thinking about the data that was being collected by the company. Promotions like this produce new customers, and now they have the data to continue to promote their product directly to the consumer.  SO – how could you use this type of marketing to your customers. Could you use this at the next conference you attend as a vendor?? What could you offer to your client in exchange for the cell phone text?

Interesting concept to consider…

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