Custom Patterns

Written by BGD team member, Melissa McKenzie

So you decided to invest in yourself and your business and hire a professional brand designer. Congratulations!

You are on your way to standing out above all the noise. A well branded business will build trust so much faster than a business that has a jumbled-up, mediocre, DIY brand. And people only buy from those they trust.

I always like to compare it to buying a Macbook. Would you be more willing to buy the same exact, brand new, never opened Macbook from the Apple store or from Ebay? Apple-hands down right?! (sorry, I’m Apple all the way. No PC’s over here). It is because you TRUST them more. Their beautiful, consistent and predictable brand has a lot to do with that.

When you set out to get a beautiful brand yourself, you want something that is unique, that no one else has. Something that sets you apart from all the other noise of business owners who do something similar to what you do. This is where most people make a crucial mistake.

When most people think about a band, they think your logo, colors, and perhaps your website. But think about that for a second. What really makes your brand unique in that? There are many logos that are very similar to each other or at least have the same kind of feel to them. Most businesses do not “own” the right to the color pallette they choose. Most online business websites have almost the same Squarespace template now, making them all so similar.

Designers understand the importance of standing out – being different and creating a memorable visual appearance that sticks out in all the noise. That is why a well-rounded brand designer will not only give you a strategic logo and color palette for your business and target market, they will go beyond that to give you details in your brand that no one else has.

Custom patterns is one of those details to your brand that no one else will have. So what is a custom brand pattern? What can you do with them and how can you use them?

A couple example of Becky’s Graphic Design patterns we use often

A custom brand pattern is pattern (just like you would find on a piece of fabric) designed to match the vibe, colors and content of your business. Something that compliments your other brand elements and adds that extra “umph.”

So you’re thinking, “Great! That sounds awesome, but how do I use this pattern??”

I’m glad you asked!

There are several things you can use it for and basically you can be creative with it to your little heart’s content! It is just one more piece to your brand puzzle to be consistent with throughout everything you do for your business!

Here are some ideas Use it on:

  • the back of your business card
  • the background of your website
  • your social media templates
  • your PDF documents, worksheets, or handouts
  • stationery design for your business
  • Products of your business such as coffee mugs, pencils, etc.
  • Your laptop case or cover! (how fun would that be!)

The file that you get from the designer should be a small repeatable square so that the pattern can be repeated endlessly – even when the canvas is huge!

Are you ready to get a brand that is custom? Contact Becky and ask for a custom quote on your project!

About Melissa McKenzie

I’m Melissa, the branding strategist behind my business, Triple M Studios. I help other women entrepreneurs by making unique and beautiful brands to tell their story. When I am not designing at my laptop, I am a wife to my high-school sweetheart and a momma to 2-year-old twin toddlers and 6 month old baby. Life has moved fast for my husband and I, but I wouldn’t change it for the world. Some of my favorite things to do are hiking, canoeing, and decorating my home. I buy any indoor plant I can get my hands on and try to keep it alive. I love hot summer days and being outdoors.