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Four Books to Help You Clarify Your Brand

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Four Books to Help You Clarify Your Brand

Who are you? How are you unique? Who are your customers? How will your business grow?

If you’re a business owner you will have doubts.

That’s just the way life as an entrepreneur is because we take risks.

We keep making tweaks to what we’re doing hoping we’ll figure out how to make sales happen.

It’s time to stop guessing and get some help! For a limited time we are offering a FREE 15 minute consultation to get you back on track.

But if you’re not ready to hire a professional yet, these books will help you find direction and clarify your brand.

Promote and Sell Your Work!

You’ve written a book, but if it doesn’t sell, what’s the point? In Sell Your Book Like Wildfire, marketing expert Rob Eagar explains how to use the best promotional methods available to get your book noticed and drive sales.

I bought this book as a resource for my author clients. It turns out it’s a great book for anyone promoting themselves and any business. Of course it focuses on book sales but the principals are the same for promoting any product or service. Plus so many entrepreneurs are writing books as an opportunity to demonstrate their expertise – this will help clarify if that is an opportunity you should explore. Check out these chapter titles:

  • Establish Your Expertise
  • Make Your Mark with an Author Brand
  • The Flammability of Free: How to Drive Word of Mouth
  • Feed the Beast: How to use Amazon to Sell More Books

Additional Resource: The author maintains a website on all things literary for those of you that are or want to be authors.

How to Style Your Brand:

Everything You Need to Know to Create a Distinctive Brand Identity

The right brand identity has the power to attract, engage and compel people to do business with you. But for many entrepreneurs, creating an effective brand can be a challenge. Whether you’re a start-up on a lemonade budget, or a seasoned entrepreneur planning on working with a professional, an understanding of the process is essential.

I’ve purchased this book five times now, it’s so good I bought a copy for each of my designers! It’s sold through a third party so it takes a couple of weeks to arrive but it’s so worth it! This a designers dream book – beautifully laid out, the author takes you through her method of styling a brand and it’s brilliant. Even if you’re not a designer this book will inspire you!

Additional Resource: Check out her blog at The Brand-Stylist

Customer Persuasion:

For anyone who wants more customers.

From generating traffic to getting the customers’ first purchase and then turning them into advocates, Customer Persuasion is the bible for putting the customer at the heart of your business.

What you’ll learn in Customer Persuasion:

  • Why it’s essential to embrace persuasion in marketing
  • Why unethical persuasion will kill your business
  • How to work out which part of the business needs your attention
  • What website, marketing, customer service or product optimization you need to do next
  • Lots of simple ways to increase your conversation rate

Ask anyone who owns a business it’s not the work that’s hard, it’s GETTING the work that’s hard! It takes as much energy and more guts to actually get out there and tell people what you do as it does to create the actual business. You can’t just sit and wait for the phone to ring you have to know who your customer is, go where they are and wave a big bold flag or set off fireworks (figuratively of course) to let them know you’re open and ready for business.

This book helps you develop the plan to market your business and increase your sales. Something we all need to do!

Additional Resource: Check out the author’s website eCommerce Masterplan for Podcasts, Freebies and more!

The E-Myth Revisited: 

Discover the difference between working on your business and working in your business

Michael Gerber walks you through the steps in the life of a business from entrepreneurial infancy, through adolescent growing pains, to the mature entrepreneurial perspective, the guiding light of all businesses that succeed.

This easy to read book explains why small businesses fail and how to make sure yours doesn’t. If you feel like you’re spinning your wheels and your business isn’t growing, it’s time to read this book. Develop your business purposefully to make sure your business will grow and expand beyond just you.

I was introduced to this book through a Master Mind class Pinnacle Financial Partners offers to Nashville entrepreneurs. For six weeks we met as a small group to discuss the book and how we could apply the principals to our businesses. That was an exercise in transparency, but it was all of us being transparent, so it was eye opening in many ways, and very good for the lone entrepreneur to have an open dialog with others in the same boat.

Additional Resources: Two newer books by Michael Gerber that I need to read too  E-Myth Mastery and Beyond The E-Myth at least they’ve been added them to my Kindle now!


More Books Recommended by our Team Members!

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*Some of this blog post contains affiliate links. I choose who I reference based on my experience with their quality information and resources, not because they’ll pay me a few pennies. Thank you!

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