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What is Cloud Computing?

By September 25, 2012 2 Comments
On September 19th I had the opportunity to present “Embracing and Utilizing New Technology” to 160 entrepreneurs at the Women TIES Retreat in Skaneateles, New York. I’m taking this opportunity to re-purpose the information as blog posts for the next few weeks – giving more details and offering the opportunity for questions. Feel free to comment or ask questions.


“The practice of using a network of remote servers hosted on the Internet to store, manage, and process data, rather than a local server…”

Merriam-Webster Dictonary

Obviously this is a very basic definition but I’ve found it helps people wrap their heads around the cloud concept. Before discussing apps and mobile technology – take a moment to understand where your data goes.

This visual above is an illustration of the way Facebook uses cloud computing to sync your data. The remote servers (computers in the middle of the slide) represents the data centers where Facebook “hosts” your account. Your account is set up on your browser which is located at the data center, the data center then sends your information to your tablet device, then syncs it back to the data center for you to pull it up again on your smart phone. No matter what device or browser you use, the information is the same – because it is in “the cloud” otherwise known as the data center.

Data Centers = “The Cloud”

This is a photo of one of Facebook’s data centers (See – How Facebook Is Building Next-Gen, Hyper-Green Data Centers) – Obviously there are more than one of these to handle all the data – but I think it helps to “see” the “cloud”. Don’t you think?

If you use social media or online banking – you are already using the “cloud”. Hopefully these images help clarify what is actually happening to your data.

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  • Vivian says:

    It was really nice to see the data center of Facebook. Yes all of us are already using cloud computing, its just that most of them are not aware of it. The basic definition which you have put on the blog will definitely help people to get a gist of what cloud computing is. Recently i read this blog- What is basically cloud computing? How is it different from the traditional application hosting?

    • Becky says:

      Thanks for the comments Vivian! I’m glad you liked the photo. I thought it was important to see what an actually data center looked like.

      The article you included was very informative too – thanks for including it.