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How to Make Your Logo Fit Correctly in Your Profile Image

By May 16, 2017 No Comments
How to make your logo fit your social media profile image

Do you ever get frustrated when you’re updating your social media profile image?

How do you post your profile images when your logo isn’t square?

Is your logo cropped in some weird way and you’ve spent hours trying to fix it and it STILL doesn’t look good!

And why are the profile sizes different on EVERY. SINGLE. APP??

We totally understand, and we get frustrated TOO! Let me share a simple solution to make every logo work using an actual logo for a client of mine!

Client Case Study: Fernwood Farm


We work with a bed and breakfast in New York named Fernwood Farm. The outside of the home has a very unique decorative trim and we used that as part of the logo, unfortunately it doesn’t work well in social media profile images as this rectangle. Since this is the case with many logos we came up with a way to make it work.

Profile Image Sizes:

First of all, as you know, there are tons of social media platforms out there. You are probably on at least three if not more. So let’s start by reviewing a cheat sheet on social media sizes.

The largest option for a profile image is Etsy’s at 500 x 500, the most common shape is square and the smallest maximum image size is 4 mb. So let’s work within those parameters.

Use is a great online software tool for designing social media images. It allows you to use a template or create your own size design. Sign in or register for a free account.

SIMPLE SOLUTION HERE: You will be creating a plain white box, and then placing your logo inside of it. When you upload the final image to your social media – the program crops to the white box NOT your logo.

  • Image 1 – This is what your screen will look like when you open it up. We are going to use custom dimensions for this application. Click the blue button on the top right.
  • Image 2 – Type in the dimensions of 500 x 500 and make sure the PX is showing (for pixels) and then hit the button DESIGN!
  • Image 3 – You’ll now have a white box. EASY! Now to upload your high resolution logo as a png or jpg.
  • Image 4 – I’ve uploaded and placed the logo for Fernwood (once it’s uploaded to Canva you need to click on it to add it to your box.). I would recommend reducing the logo to have a nice white border around it so it looks balanced and if you’re adding it to any round profile (such as Pinterest or Google+) center it with a wider white border.
  • NOW use the DOWNLOAD button on the top blue bar and save it to your computer. That’s it! This file will work for all your profile images now.

BONUS: Now that your logo is uploaded to Canva it’s there to use for other design projects!

Other solutions – When we are designing logos we always keep the frustrating profile limitations in mind. I suggest alternative designs for the client and/or pull one identifying part out of the logo that can be used as an icon to represent the company. Here are some options we used for Fernwood Farm:


So was that helpful? Do you still have questions, feel free to post it below.

A simple solution to making your logo fit your profile image correctly!Other Resources for Social Media Post Creation:

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