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Legal and Tax Issues…

By July 20, 2009 No Comments

I’ve decided my brain thinks it’s on an extended vacation…Oh I’ve been working hard, don’t worry about that…but actually getting all the paperwork done to legalize the business in Tennessee is a little too much work, but it’s got to get done. So I’ve made an online appointment with the local SBDC! Hey Joan Powers and Bernadette Mzor – I can’t wait to meet your counterparts! I’ve found a way to register the business online, found out a little more detail about web based businesses in Tennessee and read a little more about the excise tax here.

Now I’ve been too busy to worry about Nashville networking yet, but I’m getting excited about getting out and meeting business people here. I can walk to Starbucks, and Panera is just a mile or two down the  road! Great places to meet people!

By the way the SBDC is offering a class next Thursday on Trademarks, Copyrights & Patents: What You Need to Know – Women TIES is offering a similar subject (Intellectual Property Issues to Protect Your Company) at the luncheon in Syracuse on Wednesday! It must be a hot topic right now!!!

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