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iPhone4 Upgrade?

By June 29, 2010 No Comments

Oh, the decisions….I had a blackberry for the last few years, strictly as a phone and texting tool. It worked great to communicate with my clients, hold all the contact information and I loved the small but useful keyboard for texting. Suddenly a week and a half before a business trip the beloved blackberry died a quick death – and the decision was made to upgrade to the iPhone 3GS.

I was a little overwhelmed, it was a big learning curve to manage just before a trip. But sometimes a crash course is a good thing. I fell in love! I now understand why so many people have their faces glued to these things! The apps are amazing, the email is so handy, and I’m making my IT hubby jealous when I whip out my iPhone and tell him how traffic is on I-65 or whether the latest thunder cloud is going to rain on our parade!

NOW that the upgrade is available, and I’m eligible for the free upgrade to iPhone4G…do I plunge in and do it now…since they’ve had all the issues or wait until they work them out?? Mmmmhhhh….

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