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Home-Ec 101 Book Review

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One of the MANY things I learned at Blissdom ’11 was the value of building relationships with other bloggers and corporate sponsors. Just as in any business, networking is key to developing new contacts and eventually customers. It is with this in mind that I joined One2One Networka community of influential, socially connected women who ignite conversation and spread awareness of brands they love! Through this community I’m learning more about the influence of bloggers and also participating in campaigns which I believe in. I’m finding the BUSINESS of blogging to be a exciting new world with great potential for growth.

Now to the book review – please be aware I was given a free copy to review.

Home-Ec 101, Skills for Everyday Living –

by Heather Solos, published by Betterway Home Books

When I first saw the cover of this book I had a flashback to my high school home ec class – I’m old enough to have participated in the ALL GIRLS classes where we learned real lessons in cooking, sewing and various other home making skills. I LOVED those classes. So I was excited to see if the author, Heather Solos had managed to captured the knowledge from those classes and still make it relevant for today’s audience.

I wasn’t disappointed. Heather has a wonderful sense of humor and is extremely enjoyable to read. Her four sections of the book, Clean It, Wash It, Fix It, and Cook It have all the essentials for managing a house, apartment or life in general.

One of the really valuable chapters is on household chores – “Make it Manageable: Flexible Scheduling” is for anyone over whelmed by keeping a house clean, (EVERYONE!!) Heather breaks it down to a weekly/monthly schedule. I love her no-nonsense approach to attacking the grime!

I also found the information on fixing basic appliance issues useful. Everyone needs a basic idea of what to look for when an appliance coughs and dies…before calling an expensive repairman. I could have saved $60 on a repair bill last summer if I’d had this book! She gives the exact fix the repairman did and we could have done it ourselves!

My daughter and her husband will be buying a house soon, this book will be a great gift for them.

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