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My list of new accomplishments…

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Since I’ve left my hometown in New York – where I’d lived on the same street all my life, I’ve had to expand my horizons. In the last eight weeks I’ve had to take on some major challenges.  Many of you warned me that I would be facing some hurdles since I’d never moved before – but nobody could prepare me for some of these! 😉 It’s been a whole new world for me down here in Nashville, but I’m doing fine!

1. Operation of a garage door opener – especially when there are TWO and you can’t seem to figure out which one opens which door! (yeah I’m the neighbor with both doors going up and down, over and over…)

2. The proper way to place the massive garbage cans on the curb – a nice neighbor, stopped and turned her car around and  informed me I had to turn it around for the machine to dump it properly. How to feel FOOLISH at 6:30 a.m.!!!

3. How to fill, operate and empty a dishwasher…never had one of those before! Good things the kids have used them! 🙂

4. The wonderful usefulness of a TomTom – don’t leave home without it, because it’ll always get you back (as long as you can get the satellite to connect)!

5. How to walk to just about everything around town – the grocery store, the library, a selection of restaurants and other stores, even Starbucks are within walking distance because everything is connected by sidewalks. What a difference when you don’t have to worry about plowing snow off of everything! I’m enjoying the convenience and the exercise!

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Becky is a graphic designer with over 30 years of experience. She is the founder and president of Becky's Graphic Design which she began in 1992. She and her husband live outside of Nashville, TN where she enjoys creative photography, gardening, and baking for her family.

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