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Visual Identity Branding

Your visual business brand is more than just your logo. It’s your story and how your customers perceive you in every part of the experience and interaction you have with them. For 25 years we’ve been working with our clients to build better businesses by carefully evaluating each step in the process of building a visual identity and then creating the marketing pieces they need.

Print & Digital Design

Once you’ve established your brand identity it’s important to creating marketing collateral that continues your brand strategy. We work with you to develop the right materials for your budget and your business goals. We know how to make design work on paper and on a screen, no matter what size it is.

Book Design

We do book design because Becky loves to read and helping new authors self-publish just makes her happy! We know the process through the maze of self-publishing print houses, ISBN, barcodes and cover designs that work as thumbnails. Plus we can help you create the digital files you need to market and sell your book.

Non-Profit Logo Design

Illustrated Visual Identity Brand

Identity Branding: Untrained Housewife

Franchise Sales Brochure

Small Business Branding

Service Industry | Leave Behind Folder and Inserts

How to manage social media as a solopreneur or any busy person

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Using Pinterest to Communicate with your designer

Using Pinterest to Communicate with your Designer

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Pinterest is a visual search engine, similar to Google, but for images. Creating a brand for a business requires research and understanding of you and your business model. We use the combination of visual imagery from your Pinterest boards and the written client discovery form we have you fill out to fuel our creativity.

Four Books to Help You Clarify Your Brand

Four Books to Help You Clarify Your Brand

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