Meet Janelle

For almost 10 years Janelle and I’ve partnered to create professionally branded advertising pieces for her clients. We each do what we do best - and the customer wins! Ad Layout | Brochure Design | Front End Website Design


Meet Kellie

There is a lot to do when you own a business. Kellie does it all and hair too. But she doesn’t worry about her email newsletters, printing needs and website updates. I take care of them for her. Email Newsletters | Printing


Meet Paul

Paul writes. Even his emails are worth reading twice! But when he wants to publish - he calls me. I handle the process from cover design to digital delivery to publisher - and everything in between. Cover Design | Interior Layout | Self-Publishing Assistance | Kindle Formatting

Connecting Ideas with Design

The Design Process

The best way to be creative is to listen well and do thorough research, that’s why I always spend time with a client and ask tons of questions before beginning a new project. Find out more about the process of design here.

The Cost of Design

One of the first questions potential clients ask is “How much do you think it’ll cost?” There isn’t a quick answer. I’ve added some basic packages to this site to address those questions, but I prefer to have a conversation with each person to create a customized package, addressing the specific needs of their business.

Design Consulting

If you’re not sure what you need, let’s sit down and review your existing materials and discuss your business goals. I will do an assessment of your online reputation and evaluate your market position with your competition. Then I will brainstorm with you to offer options that are realistic for your budget. Call me to set up a time to meet together and start moving toward your goals.

Let’s Talk

Ready to move forward? Contact me by email or give me a call 615.562.7148. I’m looking forward to hearing from you soon!

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July 25, 2016

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