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Using Facebook Pages App

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More details on using mobile applications for your business

Facebook Pages LogoMost of us have a Facebook (Fan) Page for our business, but are you using the Facebook Pages App to manage your page or page(s) on your mobile device?

I’m the administrator on many of my clients pages, so I was curious to see what was special about this new way to manage the pages. I downloaded the app earlier in the year and I wasn’t impressed, I decided to give it a second look when I noticed it had been updated.

Did I REALLY need another app for Facebook?

Why is this app better?

Pages Manager helps admins connect with their audience and keep up with activity on multiple Pages, all in one place.

• Post new updates and photos and respond to comments as your Pages
• View and reply to private messages
• Get notifications about new activity on your Pages right away
• View your latest Pages Insights, including checkins

Quite honestly – I thought I could do all those things on the regular Facebook app on my phone and my iPad. I can see all the pages I manage on my regular app, but as I explored the new app I realized it is much easier navigate the different pages using the new interface.

NEW INTERFACE and what you can do with it:

I like the new look. It makes a clear distinction as to which page you’re viewing – placing the current page right on top.

You have access to:

  • View your Pages – a new post or photo can be added
  • Messages – Read all messages, but to SEND messages you have to go back to your page
  • Photos – all photos are available to view, but adding photos is done through the page itself
  • Insights – the page analytics (More below)
  • Admins – a list of those who can manage the page, but I don’t see a way to add or delete an admin
  • Settings – It allows you to select PUSH NOTIFICATIONS or not, but that’s all


This is what Facebook got right with this app – and if you’re trying to understand what posts get the most attention (analytics) you’ll love this part.

Earlier today I posted a new link to my Becky’s Graphic Design Facebook page about using I’ve used for years and I’m an affiliate partner with them. It’s important to me to see what traffic I receive from the post so I’ll know if this is a good placement for this type of link.

Using the Facebook Pages App – this is what I see about this specific post – Notice it clearly shows how many have been REACHED  with the post on the left side, and VIEW INSIGHTS on the right side.

Now if I click on the View Insights. 

I see the REACH tab first – REACH is defined by Facebook as:

The number of unique people who have seen any content associated with your Page (including any Ads or Sponsored Stories pointing to your Page) in the last seven days.


This tab gives you the details for REACH in three ways (defined by Facebook)

  • Organic: The number of unique people, fans or nonfans, who saw this post in their News Feed, Ticker or on your Page.
  • Paid: The number of unique people who saw this post from a sponsored product, such as a Page Post Ad or Sponsored Stories.
  • Viral: The number of unique people who saw this post from a story published by a friend. These stories can include liking, commenting or sharing your post, answering a Question or RSVP-ing to an event.

NEXT I slide the image to the left and I am able to see the next image.


The PEOPLE ENGAGED tab allows you to understand the different types of engagements your post generated. Anyone clicking anywhere on your post is considered an “Engaged User.” The types of
engagement include all the different ways people can consume your post (clicking on a link, viewing a picture, watching a video…), spread it to friends (by liking it, commenting on it, answering a Question, RSVP-ing to an event, etc…) or simply click on some other area of your post (“Other Clicks”).


This final tab shows all the different types of stories that your post generated. Please note that, since People Talking About This are a subset of Engaged Users, this tab offers a more granular breakdown of the “stories generated” section of the “Engaged Users” tab.

  • Likes: The number of likes on your post.
  • Shares: The number of times your post was shared.
  • Comments: The number of comments on your post.

Hopefully I’ll have more LIKES, COMMENTS and SHARES soon, but I love that it has this ability to see this on every post. This app is valuable  if only to keep an eye on the INSIGHTS information on each of the pages I manage. Hopefully in the future Facebook will expand this apps capabilities even more, making it a truly valuable addition to Facebook Pages Management.

For more information on Facebook Page App:

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On September 19th I had the opportunity to present “Embracing and Utilizing New Technology” to 160 entrepreneurs at the Women TIES Retreat in Skaneateles, New York. I’m taking this opportunity to re-purpose the information as blog posts for the next few weeks – giving more details and offering the opportunity for questions. Feel free to comment or ask questions.


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