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Email Marketing with Emma

When we first brought our son to college in Nashville, we got a little turned around (ok LOST!!) – I remember feeling overwhelmed by the much bigger city feel than I had expected, when I noticed a familiar “brand” on one of the buildings. It was the EMMA logo, I had become familiar with the Emma ads in my graphic design magazines. Emma is a email newsletter online management software, that allows you to send well designed emails, track them and get better results from your campaigns.

A few of my clients have been asking me to help them create an email marketing campaign for their small businesses. I remembered my early arrival in Nashville and the positive reaction I had to the Emma brand. I knew I had to reach out to the Emma company. So I called them up, introduced myself and two days later I was given a complete tour of Emma, a very thorough explanation of their product.

One of the most powerful pieces of their product is the response results – basically the analytics – great information to use to make sure your emails are reaching your audience. I don’t know why my creative mind likes the numbers – except they have really pretty graphs….and I can be more creative once I see those graphs and use that information for further cool newsletter ideas.

So if you’d like to learn more about Emma or email marketing let me know.  Let’s connect some design to your ideas!!

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