Book Design & Layout for Self-Publishers

Writing a book is a huge accomplishment.

Let BGD help you move forward to get your manuscript designed and published, then we will help you market it to the right audience. We offer the following services as needed for your project.

  • Assistance with planning for publishing
  • Manuscript Layout for Print and ePub
  • Cover Design and Layout
  • Help with understanding ISBN and Bar Code Requirements
  • Packaging for Printer/Publisher
  • Marketing your book

We have over 15 years of experience working with authors and publishers. 

Book Layout + Cover Design

I expect you've been writing furiously and now you realize the next step is actually getting it ready to publish! Congratulations! I can help you prepare your manuscript for print, make your cover beautiful and take care of all the technical details of file preparation. If you're ready for a quote or just want to discuss the options, please fill out this form to help me understand your project. I'll get back to you within 24 hours. Thank you! Becky

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About your book

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This is often dictated by the printer - but give me an idea of the size you'd like.
Do you have artwork which you would like to use on the cover? Do you have a good quality image of yourself for the bio on the back cover?