Pixels vs Vectors

By January 16, 2009 2 Comments

Each time I start working with a new client who already has a logo, I hold my breath as I ask for a high resolution vector copy of their logo to use in the project we’re working on. It can a mean a smooth start to the relationship if they have a vector image, or a large hiccup as I explain to them the logo on their website isn’t adequate to use to print on their new signage or brochure. It can often mean delays in the project as they have to find the original artwork or try to we have to redo it.

It’s difficult to explain sometimes – but this article clarifies it well.

I try to clarify the importance of keeping track of the original logo files when I finish a design. I give clients a cd with the images on it and suggest they keep it in a safe place. But I’ve also learned to keep good records myself and have backups for them later – it’s called good customer service! 🙂

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  • janellefields says:

    Hi. Nice writing Becky. I was wondering if you have a link to this from your Becky’s Graphic Design Site? If not,…… it seems logical, right?
    the video is GREAT! I’ve had many explanations of pixel/vector, including from you, but this was the best. NOW I get it! Thanks.

  • Becky says:

    If you look under LINKS – you’ll see Becky’s Graphic Design is the first one! 🙂 it is difficult to see the links in the lighter color.

    I love the lego/sprirograph analogy in the video! Thanks for visiting!