Lesile E. Thompson

Rogue Creative MarketingLeslie Thompson, Rogue Creative Marketing

I am the founder and Rogue One of Rogue Creative Marketing based in Nashville, Tennessee. We work with other rogue businesses (entrepreneurs, artists, and more) to uphold brand integrity through creative and unique marketing ventures – no two client projects are the same!
I am originally from Freeport, Illinois (otherwise known as “Pretzel City, USA”) and am graduate of Belmont University in Nashville. I got my start in marketing during my high school years using MySpace and LiveJournal to promote my weekend coffee shop concerts, while designing posters and other printed materials to hand out at school. After spending four years in Nashville’s music industry managing artist and company brands, I went rogue and started my own marketing studio. One of my greatest joys is helping clients to realize the importance and excitement of telling their stories in unique and genuine methods. Working on the Becky’s Graphic Design team allows me to work with more clients in different industries with some of the greatest people on the planet!
Rogue headquarters are on the south side of Nashville, where I reside with my precious husband and two adorably disastrous, insane, lovely, big-little dogs.