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Ingredients of a Great Marketing Event!

By October 16, 2010 No Comments

What does it take to create a great marketing event (the BUZZ)  at a conference in today’s digital world? Especially one that appeals to the technically savvy?

1. A giant robot

2. A free giveaway of not one but THREE iPads

3. a little bit of a bigger hoop to jump through than putting your business card in a bowl –

  • First: Follow the company on Twitter
  • Second: Have your photo taken with the Robot
  • Third: Tweet the photo back to the company
  • Fourth: Watch to see if they Direct Message you back and then you have 15 minutes to DM them back or show up at the booth to claim your prize!!

That sounds like a lot to go through but the buzz today at Bar Camp Nashville was amazing when Centre Source brought in CS-Maxximus the robot and he started walking around larger than life! The twitter stream on their hashtag was fun to watch and keeping an eye on each of our own DM streams was addicting! I would call it a very successful day for the Centre Source brand. Congratulations!!

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