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By January 4, 2011 One Comment

One of the many time consuming projects graphic designers can get into is re-creating logos from print or old files. Usually the biggest hassle is trying to find the fonts – do I have that exact one or not? If not which one is it? There are many great font sites on the web, but when you have to find an EXACT replica I would highly recommend using “What the Font” to make the search less of a headache!

I used it recently with only three letters of a logo I cropped out of a busy, bright banner – and it did a quick job of identifying CORRECTLY the font I needed! I read the hints they suggested and made sure the letters were not touching and horizontal, so I’m sure that helped! But I was very happy with the quick and successful results!

The results also instructed me where to buy the font if I didn’t have it in my already large stash! So I made quick work of it and was able to get to the actual project within a short span of time! NICE!!

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Becky is a graphic designer with over 30 years of experience. She is the founder and president of Becky's Graphic Design which she began in 1992. She and her husband live outside of Nashville, TN where she enjoys creative photography, gardening, and baking for her family.

One Comment

  • Helpful to know, Becky, even if you’re not a graphic designer. We non-graphic people can make more efficient requests knowing there is a tool to make identification a simpler process. Thanks.