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I absolutely LOVE my Tom-Tom!! My first major independent driving experience in Nashville was in morning rush hour traffic, across town to the international airport. The steady voice giving me instructions was WONDERFUL!! Not just which exit, but which lane to be in for the next exit. All wonderful help for a reluctant driver in new city that has a huge infrastructure.

Ah Wegmans – how I miss you already!!! The best grocery store in the world just doesn’t have anything to compete with it. I have lots of choices here…Kroger, Food Lion, Aldi’s, Harris Tetter, even Publix, but alas, not one compares to Wegman’s. We have made a game out of stopping at each of the different grocery stores for a “tour” to see if we can find something CLOSE to Wegman’s.

I have to give Publix a good word. They’ve had the best service so far. We like to go through the self-serve lines. While we were checking out we had a question about whether a “shoppers card” was needed to obtain the sale price. You know how sometimes you can’t even get the service people to notice you? The Publix woman at the desk was WONDERFUL. She took the time to give us the VIP tour of the services and special offers they have there. It’s not often someone will be so thorough to make sure “you’ll all come back now – you hear!”

I’ve spent the last week arranging for various services to be connected. Gas, Electric, Cable, Water, etc. I haven’t had ONE negative experience. Whoever is out there training these service people – THANK YOU!!! They’ve been very helpful, quick to connect on the phone and easy to communicate with – well, except my ears haven’t caught up with the accent thing yet…and I have to ask them to repeat themselves once in awhile… 🙂

We’ve found my new FedEx/KINKO’s branch office, just 10 minutes away and they were wonderful and accommodating for a rush job I had on Saturday. We have a choice of Office Max, Staples or Office Depot, so my office supplies will be taken care of with out any issue.  We found our new bank and although it’ll never replace our friends at Key, they’re already working to build a relationship, and I appreciate that.

So all in all, the adventure has gone smoothly so far…we’ll see what the “moving in” experience has to offer this weekend! LOL

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