Becky Bayne

I believe God made everyone creative in some way. My sisters have different talents, one can play any musical instrument, one is a beautiful writer, and the other can make an elaborate costume out of scraps of material. My husband makes beautiful furniture out of wood. I know other people have the creative talent of hospitality. I believe God has given me a talent for graphic design – the art of communicating a message to an audience to create a desired response ©. But I also love to participate in many other creative outlets. Photography, quilting, jewelry making, etc. I believe everyone of those “other” outlets helps me to be more creative with my graphic design work. Funny how our brain works, we need to get away from the computers sometimes and use our hands and our eyes to observe and actively participate to reignite the creative juices.

I’ve been in business since 1992 and worked for a small advertising agency before that. I’ve grown my business around my family, so I know the importance of balancing the two. Sometimes I have sacrificed growth of the business to spend more time with the family. I can attest to the value of networking and building trust in business relationships – as most of my business has come from these avenues. I would encourage anyone considering starting a business to realize it takes hard work, seek out plenty of help and go for it! It’s worth it!

Since moving to Nashville, TN in 2009, I have built a strong network of collaborative companies to meet the needs of the complex technical world we live in. Working with talented people in marketing, content writing, website development, SEO and social media allows me to offer clients a wider range of services with outstanding results.

My husband and I have been married for over 35 years. He is in IT Service Management in Nashville and has a custom woodworking business on the side. We have two married children and three grandchildren. When I’m not at the computer I wander out to the backyard and pick the latest crop from my garden, or catch up on sewing for the grandchildren. My husband and I work together designing custom furniture and children’s toys in his wood shop.


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